You can reach us on Facebook: Black Sheep Camp or Instagram:@BlackSheepCamp

or by calling: +40770.298.763 or +40744.994.513 > At times there might be no network coverage whatsoever, so you might end up getting a message that we can’t be reached. Do try again please! 🙂

Unless GoogleMaps or search shows us as “closed” at the time you want to come (rare occasions), you can come without calling, no reservation required, we are always open. But it’s nice to let us know your intentions in advance. 🙂

To get to us, use GoogleMaps, or these coordinates: 46°36’26.8″N 22°54’45.0″E (46.607447, 22.912511) and check the map below for the last portion, as GMap takes a wrong turn at the base of the hill, also look for our signs once you reach the stream you need to cross.

Update (June 2022): the road is bumpy and rocky on the ascent part. Only 4×4’s recommended or cars with high ground clearance and powerful engine.


You can park cars by the main road (~1,5km to us), where the light green line starts, or in the courtyard marked in orange (400m to us) in the image below, specific marker: a diagonal wooden bridge on the left, before crossing the creek & Black Sheep parking sign.

Summertime: In case you have loads of luggage or not sure on the way up, you can call us 20-30mins before arrival. Please note there is usually no phone network coverage at the main road (or other roads) in the village so you can’t call when you’re already here (unless you’re really lucky to get some phone reception, or you have a sim on the Digi network which is the only network with coverage)!
Winter conditions (October/November to March): you will not be able to come up with a normal car, and it’s a very good idea to have snow chains for the wheels cause in the area it can be snowy and slippery even on the main road. Normally the main road (DN1R = TransUrsoaia) is constantly cleaned-up by the authorities, but in heavy snow conditions, this might take a while.
As always: remember we accept donations for improving this place. Thank You!
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